Online Learning | 2010 Annual Letter | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

2010 Annual Letter from Bill Gates: Online Learning


Students working in a computer lab (New York, New York, 2009).Students working in a computer lab (New York, New York, 2009).The foundation has made a few grants to drive online learning, but we are just at the start of this work. So far technology has hardly changed formal education at all. But a lot of people, including me, think this is the next place where the Internet will surprise people in how it can improve things—especially in combination with face-to-face learning. With the escalating costs of education, an advance here would be very timely.

Online learning is the future of education. In the past there have been many who have criticized the quality of online education. However, with accreditation standards, an online education is becoming the way to go. Bill Gates recognizes the importance and potential growth of this industry.