ASU business school unveils online degree

ASU business school unveils online degree

Add business to the growing cadre of online bachelor’s programs offered by Arizona State University.

Last week, the W.P. Carey School of Business announced it will launch its first online bachelor-of-arts program this fall.

ASU and University of Phoenix both made the headlines in today’s Arizona Republic. I received degrees from both of these universities. It looks like Bill Gate’s prediction of online learning growth is going to come true. The growth of online education is undeniable. “Nearly 12 million post-secondary students in the United States take some or all of their classes online right now. But this will skyrocket to more than 22 million in the next five years. (, 2010). In my book, The Online Student’s User Manual, I give a lot of guidance to help the first-time online student feel comfortable in their online learning experience. I’m hearing that the book will be out next month. I’ll keep you updated.