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    How to Generate Ideas to Write about On Your Blog Through AWeber 

    Are you looking for ideas to write about on your blog, check out this video by Problogger Darren Rowse by clicking here.  In the video, he mentions using AWeber for your newsletter.  I use AWeber and think it has some great advantages.  To see my links for the newsletters from AWeber, click here.   Feel free to sign up for my newsletters to see the format in which they are delivered.  They create very professional looking newsletters.  I highly recommend them.

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    You May Be Looking For A Job But Your Emotional Intelligence May Be What Needs Work 

    The job market is over-crowded with applicants all applying for the few coveted jobs.  What makes one person stand out in the crowd over another?  One thing may be their emotional intelligence.  Emotional intelligence (EI) has become a buzz word in the last 10-15 years, thanks mostly to Daniel Goleman who has popularized EI through several mainstream books.  Goleman’s definition of EI is not the only definition of EI.  In fact, there are several authors who have defined EI in slightly different ways. I think one of the basic and most easily understood definitions is:  Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand one’s own emotions as well as those of others.

    Why do employers care about this?  By having the ability to understand other people’s emotions, you can have more empathy, social intelligence and interpersonal skills.  In my dissertation, I examined the relationship between emotional intelligence and sales performance.  I did indeed find that a correlation existed between the two. Those with higher EI levels did produce more sales.  Employers know about the importance of having EI now and are looking for it in their potential employees. 

    What if your emotional intelligence quotient or EQ is low?  The good news is that Goleman and others have shown that EI can be improved.  I would recommend reading Daniel Goleman’s book, Emotional Intelligence: 10th Anniversary Edition, Why it Can Matter More Than IQ. Another important book is by Authors such as Hughes, Patterson, and Terrell, who offer training activities that help develop specific areas of emotional intelligence. Although their book, Emotional Intelligence in Action, is aimed at leaders, it would be helpful to those looking for exercises to develop their emotional intelligence.

    • Tatiana Ochoa 12:24 am on June 29, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Dr. Hamilton,

      You brought a very good and important point about emotional intelligence that can be improve. I think it is very important to know that our EI can improve and make a significant difference in our jobs and with others. I also found when researching about EI that EI has no relationship with our IQ according to Daniel Goldman.

      • Tatiana Ochoa 12:27 am on June 29, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Dr. Hamilton,

        Let me make a correction on my comments I posted. I meant that I find it very important for all of us to know that we can improve our Emotional Intelligence and this is one of the reasons I have the passion of working on my dissertation on EI because it is an area which has to spread to all leaders and organizations.

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    Book for Online College Students is Now Available on Kindle 

    The Online Student’s User Manual:  Everything You Need to Know to be a Successful Online Student is now available on Kindle.  Click here for more information.

    The Online Student User’s Manual will show you —

    • what you need to know about computer and software requirements
    • how to use the search engines and upload assignments
    • how to organize and manage your time
    • how to track and schedule your assignments
    • how to communicate effectively with your professors and fellow students
    • how to maximize your grade
    • what mistakes to avoid
    • how to create measurable goals and stay motivated
    • how to prepare for tests…and so much more.

    The Online Student User’s Manual is the only “go-to” resource you will need to help you master the world of online education.

    To order the traditional paperback version click here.

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    How To Make A Cover Letter Template Work For You | EmploymentDigest.net 

    Since employers receive thousands of resumes every year, a bad cover letter can keep your resume from being viewed. Employers will simply push your resume aside and pick someone with a more intriguing cover letter.

    A cover letter template can be a great start when writing your letter. There are several misconceptions that need to be addressed when using a template, though. For instance, often times we spend hours composing the perfect resume and spend around 10 minutes preparing our cover letter. People grab a quick letter template and barely change anything. Your cover letter leads up to the most important element for landing you an interview.

    4 Tips For Customizing Templates

    1. Chances are you aren’t the only one that downloaded a cover letter template and barely changed it. Having the same cover letter as your competitors won’t help you land your dream job. You need to stand out from the crowd so, make sure you only use the template as a general guideline. Really customize your cover letter to make it stand out and get noticed.

    3. Don’t just fill in the blanks on your template. It’s best just to look at a template to get an idea of what should be included in the letter and how to structure it. You want yours to be custom and unique. Use your content in an organized fashion but it doesn’t have to match the template exactly. Get creative and get noticed by employers.

    4. Make your cover letter personalized by addressing it to an actual person. This will really set you apart from competitors especially if they are using the run of the mill cover letter with no customization. The main goal of your cover letter is to catch the reader’s attention and get you an interview. Specially address their company within the letter and get the interview you deserve!

    Following these simple tips can make using templates work for you not against you in your job hunt.

    Compare the top resume writing services all in one place. Choose the right one for you by visiting http://www.ResumeLines.com

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    Bring Traffic to Your Page by Creating Custom Text in Facebook 

    Mashable.com has a great article you should check out about creating a landing page in Facebook.   If you have an individual page set up for your business on Facebook, I recommend reading their article about promoting that page by clicking here

    If you are in Facebook, look up Static FBML in the search bar at the top and add it to your page.  You can simply go into edit your page to add HTML text.  It is like the WordPress widget text box.  In Facebook, it will put a tab on the top of your page and you can put in text just like you would into any HMTL text screen.  I found it very useful to add the icons where they can follow me at other locations such as Twitter, Linkedin, etc.  To see my example page, click here.

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    27 Essential Social Media Resources You May Have Missed 

    27 Essential Social Media Resources You May Have Missed

    Click here to get a very comprehensive ist of some great social media resources from Mashable.com.  I particularly liked the link how to get the most out of your Facebook page by clicking here.
    I’m a big fan of Mashable.com . . . They offer consistently great information about social networking tools.  Check them out!
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    Posting Teacher’s Reviews Online – What is RateMyProfessor? 

    Today’s Ask Dr. Diane:  What is the site ratemyprofessor.com all about?

    Ratemyprofessor.com is a website dedicated to allowing students to find out more about their professors and the courses they are going to take before they begin class. The site allows students to give their opinion of the classes and the instructors of those classes they have taken previously.  It is not unlike the rating one would give a book they have read on Amazon.  Because of that, you will see a wide variety of responses on there.  Some students may write wonderful, glowing comments, while others write less flattering things.  You can search for a professor or a school on the site.  I have found it to be the most accurate to first search for the school and then look for the individual professor within that school where they are listed alphabetically.  To search for the school, you would type in the upper right hand search box.  It will then give you a list of schools.  Click on the one you want and then it will pull up a screen that lets you browse by last name of the professor. 

    I haven’t heard as many of my students refer to this site lately. It seemed a lot more popular a few years ago.  It is kind of a fun little site to see what others are saying. However, just as with any review, you have to realize there could be “sour grapes”.  A student who may not have done well in the course may be more likely to say something negative about the professor.  Also there is a lot of subjectivity so what may be a horrible class to one may be a wonderful class to another.  The information is fun but it should be taken with a grain of salt. 

    To see my ratings, you can go to the following links for some of my schools:  1, 2, 3, 4

    As I mentioned, it is not new to publish information about professors online.  However, there is a new trend that has some people up in arms.  Take a look at a recent NPR article where the author mentions that 6,000 elementary teachers in Los Angeles will see their names published online, along with data showing how much their students improved on standardized tests by clicking here.

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    Hi Diane, I appreciate your advice to Import your WordPress blog into Linkedin. What a great idea! Also the google docs! Thank you! Jeni

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    WordPress By The Numbers 

    For complete story click here

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    Top 5 Ways You Should Be Using Linkedin To Find A Job 


    1.  Input a presentation from Google Docs to showcase your abilities. It is simple to create presentations in Google Docs that are very similar to a PowerPoint presentation.  There is an application you can add within Linkedin that allows you to access the Google Docs presentation.  When your contacts look at your profile page, they will be able to see your presentation.
    2. Use the Question and Answer section to either ask a question and get connected or answer a question and become an expert.  If you go to the “More” tab and pick Answers, you will find this section.  Then click on Career and Education.  You can look for topics that may help you with your career search, ask a question or answer one. Every time you answer a question and someone picks your answer as the best answer, you get one point toward being someone listed with expertise.  You will notice tabs for open questions, closed questions and experts.  Becoming an expert can help promote your skills to more people and open up more job options for you.
    3. Be sure you have combined your outgoing messages your post on your home page with Twitter.  There is a little box you need to check to be sure that any updates you post will not only get posted on Linkedin but also on your Twitter page.  If you do not have a Twitter page, it is easy to set up and free. Just go to Twitter.com.
    4. Import your WordPress blog into Linkedin.  Just as you were able to include Google Docs through adding an application, you can do the same for your blog.  In this way, people will be able to see your blog on your profile page. 
    5. Check out all of the extra add-on applications that are available including:  Polls, Google Presentation, Blog Link, Box-Net, Portfolio Display, SlideShare Presentations, SAP Community Bio, Company Buzz, My Travel, Reading List, Huddle Workspaces, Real Estate Pro, Tweets, Events, and Legal Updates.  If you have a lot of good multi-media to display, Portfolio Display would be a good addition. 
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