What is the new search engine called Sentimnt?

Sentimnt, a personal and social search engine  aims to answer the question: “Where did I read that?” It does this by connecting to a user’s Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, Gmail and Delicious accounts, indexing all of the updates, articles, and resources that are referenced so that they can be recalled later.

On their site it states that Sentimnt,  “Reads what you have read and remembers it. . . only searches your data, so you’re not going to get back millions of “hits”, but just a few and therefore find what you are looking for much easier and quicker.”

 They are offering a free trial right now.  Eventually it shows you could pay as much as $5/month to have extra features such as unlimited gmail accounts and workgroup features.  During the free trial, you can use these features for free. The plus plan is available FREE for students if they sign up using their Uni email address.

Have more questions, check out their FAQ by clicking here.