Are You Using Google Realtime?

IDG News Service — Google’s (GOOG) real-time search engine, which indexes and serves up status updates, messages and other public content from sites like Twitter and Facebook, now has its own Web address and contains new filtering capabilities.

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Google started incorporating real-time links into its results pages in December. However, in order to only specifically see this type of result, users have had to deliberately click on the filtering options labeled “latest” and “updates” in the result page’s left-hand column.

If a section labeled “Latest Updates” appears in the results page, users can also click on it and be taken to a page that only contains real-time results.

But now, this search engine, called Google Realtime, has its own Web page at for users who are looking specifically for this type of search result, Google said Thursday

According to Google’ site you can:

Search faster
Get results directly on the new Realtime homepage
Refine results
Pinpoint results by location, time, and more
See entire conversations
Read full threads of conversations to get context about any topic

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