Harvard – Test Your Brain, Facial Recognition, Ability to Recognize Celebrities – Fun and Educational

One of my doctoral students is researching information about facial recognition.  Click here to take a test to see how well you are able to recall faces.  I took the Cambridge Face Memory Test and got a 94%.  It seems easy at first but then it gets harder. There are three different tests to take.  It’s free but they do require you to give your email.  This is developed by faceblind.org /Harvard.  This site is dedicated to understanding prosopagnosia which means face blindness. 

They also have a newer test they have added to test your mind and brain function.  I took the Keeping Things in Mind test.  It was interesting to see that I did better than I had expected on the vocabulary section.  They threw a few words in there to keep you on your toes. 

If you are interested in your math abiltities, take their quiz by clicking here

Do you think you can recognize famous celebrities faces?  Take their quiz by clicking here

If you are wondering what you get out of taking the tests other than just having fun . . . According to their site:  By participating in these experiments, you can learn a bit about your personality and individual aptitudes.   All of the experiments are designed to provide personalized feedback that is specific to you.  By making research relevant and helpful to individuals like you, their aim is to make psychology and brain research more accessible and, ultimately, to promote awareness of scientific research.  As Test My Brain grows and evolves, their hope is to continually expand their educational content, presenting the latest in brain research as well as results and what has been learned from these experiments.

If you are interested in seeing the anatomy of your brain, check out this video: