Can AddressBookONE Unite Social Networking?

Do you have contact information scattered throughout several social networking platforms?  AddressBookONE may be a solution for you. AddressBookONE makes LIVE ongoing connections with your ever-changing external contact resources. It includes automatically updating to ensure that the most recent data is always available. As your contacts’ world changes, so will AddressBookONE.

Their site claims AddressBookOne can handle:

Single Point of Management: Bringing all your contact data together in one easy to manage, intuitive user interface.

Contact Merge: Merges multiple instances of the same contact to give a more complete single view for each contact record and eliminates duplicate data.

Mobile Device Sync: Synchronizes AddressBookOne with almost any mobile phone or PDA. Allowing you to manage your mobile contacts and putting all other desired contact data in the palm of your hand.

Social Contact Connections: Share your AddressBookOne contact profile with other users.

Feature Rich Contacts Manager: Edit existing contacts and add new ones, organize contacts by single or multiple groups, star and hide contacts and filter data displayed.

Read today’s press release for more information about how AddressBookONE pulls information from multiple sources including Gmail, Exchange, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, GroupWise and Plaxo, among others, overlaying the data from each resource to provide a comprehensive view of each contacts data. Upgrading to a Premium account allows you to synchronize your mobile phone to AddressBookONE, enabling you to manage your phone contacts alongside all other contact data as well as offering a full backup and restore.