What is YouTube Instant?

Have you checked out YouTube Instant yet?  If you go to http://ytinstant.com/ and type in what you are looking for, it instantly pulls up a video based on your search words.  I put in drdianehamilton since that is what I use for most of my sites.  It worked really fast.  If I just put in Diane Hamilton, I got Diane Musho Hamilton’s information.  So it is important to know what you really want to search for before typing or you might get something else.

Helium.com described what YouTube Instant is all about.  The following is from Philip Lop’s recent article found by clicking here.

It’s a free utility that strips down the usual YouTube interface to simply provide a search bar, a single, central video display and five smaller displays below it to present the top five searches based on your input. As you enter text in the search bar, Youtube Instant identifies a best match and, after a short pause to confirm that you are happy with the match, plays the video in the central display. Beneath this, users are presented with a smaller version of the file that is being played with a simple play/pause function and then four other strong matches that you can opt to select and play in the central panel instead.

Youtube Instant has very little of the functionality offered by YouTube. Users can see neither the name of the file nor the user name of the individual that uploaded it. There is no display showing the progress of playback and, as such, you can’t skip backwards or forwards. You are unable to see the running time of the clip, nor are you presented with any information about whether the file is presented in high definition or not. There are no account-based features either, so you can’t, for example, log in to your existing You Tube account and add a file to your favourites.

What you are presented with, however, is a streamlined, neatly presented microcosm of the You Tube universe, which provides a simple and effective means of finding and playing a specific file. Like Google Instant, as soon as you start typing into the search bar, the utility looks for matches, and presents a file name to the right of the bar (in a distinctive and quite stylish script), which changes as you continue to type, predicting the best fit based on your input. It is virtually ‘instant’, as the name would suggest, and greatly reduces the time taken to find a file compared to the full version of YouTube.

Aside from the obvious achievement of the developer, and the gimmicky appeal of the product, it’s difficult to predict the longevity of Youtube Instant as it stands. Google Instant takes an existing product and enhances the user experience without losing any of the other functionality, whereas Youtube Instant offers one new functional away from the main site. As such, regular users will find this of limited appeal, particularly when they find a file that they like and then need to revert to the normal YouTube site to add it to a play list. The greater likelihood is that YouTube will eventually incorporate something similar into the parent site, which would effectively make Aboukhadijeh’s achievement redundant.