Top 15 Articles to Help with Confusion about How to Choose an e-Book Reader and Application

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am confused as to why there needs to be so many e-book devices and applications. How do you know which device to buy to be able to read the books you want to read? It can be even more confusing as there are more and more applications being created to allow access to books from each of these devices.

To help relieve some of the confusion, check out the top 15 articles explaining eBook devices and applications:

  1. 5 Fantastic Free iPhone reader apps
  2. Reading Books on the iPad: iBooks vs. Kindle:,2817,2363078,00.asp
  3. How to download Kindle for your iPad:
  4. Kindle receives favorable reviews over iBook app:
  5. Reviews of ebooks apps for Ipad:
  6. Google Books has a large assortment of free books you can read right on your PC.  Check out:
  7. Google Books competing with Apple and Kindle:
  8. Barnes and Noble free eReader application:
  9. Stanza for iPad
  10. 50 Free Kindle books
  11. Kindle vs. Nook
  12.  iPad vs. Kindle
  13.  iBooks vs. Kindle for iPad
  14.  Reasons why iPad won’t Kill Kindle
  15. iPad, Nook, Kindle or Sony,ihnatko-kindle-ipad-nook-ereader-083110.article