What is Topsy?

Topsy is a search engine powered by tweets.  It is a web tool that shows attention being paid to webpages.  According to their site, a person’s influence is measured in the following way: “Topsy Influence measures the likelihood that, each time you say something, people will pay attention. Influence for Twitter users is computed using all historical retweets: millons of real, public statements indicating who’s listening to whom. On our website, roughly the top 0.2% most influential of all Twitter users are tagged “Highly Influential”, and “Influential” tags appear for the top 0.5% most influential Twitter users.” You can learn more about influence by clicking here.

If you go to Topsy.com, you will see a familiar looking search engine page.  I typed in drdianehamilton to see my results.  What makes the results there any different from other search engines?  According to their site the answer is, “Because of how Topsy works, Topsy can do things other search engines don’t usually do. Topsy results are fresh, because they’re based on what you’re talking about right now. Or this week. Or the past month. Topsy has “trackback” pages for everything in its index, showing what everyone is saying about that thing. Conversations are about people, and Topsy has pages for every person it listens to – listing the things you’ve been talking about.”