Top Reasons Why Google Needs to Buy Twitter

In a recent article from, Henry Blodget gives some compelling reasons as to why Google needs to buy Twitter. Here are just the highlights. For the complete article, click here.

  • Apple, Google’s other nemesis, is now making its first push into the social networking business, and there is presumably more where that came from.
  • Google’s attempts to break into the social business organically have utterly flopped.
  • Google has ~$30 billion of cash rotting on its balance sheet earning nothing, and it piles up another ~$2 billion of new cash every QUARTER.
  • Twitter is now large and self-sustaining enough that Google might be able to avoid screwing it up.
  • Google has so much cash that it could buy the top 10 companies in the “Twitter ecosystem” tomorrow for peanuts.
  • Twitter is now experimenting with revenue models, and Google CEO Eric Schmidt appears to believe that Twitter will coin money someday.

How much would it cost Google to buy Twitter? Probably $5 billion.