What is Linkedin’s New Signal Program?

IPCommunications reported “LinkedIn recently debuted a new feature that may radically change the way that subscribers use its service.  The company launched the beta version of LinkedIn Signal, a product that allows users to search for and filter through the comments and updates of their contacts. The new service makes LinkedIn more of an interactive social networking tool than a simple web resource for business contacts. LinkedIn Signal even sorts through Twitter updates and posts them to a user’s homepage.”

According to blog.linkedin.com there are several features in this new  release that will allow you to:

1.       Filter: Browse only relevant status updates from your stream

2.      Search for keywords, topics or people across the stream

3.      Get an auto updated real-time stream with rich content

4.      Find the hottest trending links across any relevant topic

5.      See who’s shared this link?  And one more thing: saved real time searches

I recommend reading the full article about these new features by clicking here.