How to Find a New Job: Top Search Sites You Need to Check Out

In my new book, How to Reinvent Your Career, I give a lot of helpful links to check out to find jobs as well as to prepare you for those jobs.  There are some job search sites that you may not be familiar with and some familiar job search sites that have added some new features.  If you are using Linkedin or want to use Linkedin, you may also be interested in clicking here to find out more ways to utilize LinkedIn’s features to find that job. 

How to Reinvent Your Career by Dr. Diane Hamilton

Why You Need To Check Out CareerBuilder

There are a lot of great job-related sites on the web, but CareerBuilder has some of the best information.  One of the best things about CareerBuilder is that it is free.  It also has a great search capability and your searches can be saved and emailed to you as jobs become available.  The only thing that would make it better would be if it could search for jobs outside of their own CareerBuilder database.  Because of this, you will also need to look elsewhere. . . Indeed, Monster, etc. for jobs as well. However, while on CareerBuilder’s site, be sure to check out their searching capabilities.  They really have included a wide variety of options.  Check out their advanced job search screen by clicking here.  Before looking for or applying for any jobs, be sure to check out their career tests.  They have a great assortment to give you a good idea of what type of job best fits your preferences and qualifications.  Click here for more information.

What is Linkup?

Have you heard about Linkup?  On their site they claim, “LinkUp is the new and unique job search engine that only lists jobs taken directly from company websites. We call them “hidden jobs” because they are typically unadvertised outside of company websites and can be difficult to find if you don’t know where to look. When you search for a job on LinkUp, you are actually searching over 20,709 company websites. These are always current openings – if a company adds or removes a job from their website, so do we. There are never stale or out-dated listings on LinkUp. All of our job listings are from real companies. You won’t find work-at-home scams, recruiters, or staffing agencies. You also won’t find the same job listed multiple times from different sources. We point you directly to the single source for the job – the company website. If you choose to apply to a position you do so directly to the employer.”

The company is based out of Minneapolis.  They report a lot of interesting data.  For one thing, if you click here, you can find out how the job market is doing in your state.

Their site claims to be better than Monster or CareerBuilder stating, “The most significant difference between LinkUp and other job sites on the web is that we only list jobs from company websites. Companies interested in getting their jobs on LinkUp must send us the URL of their company website so we can link to them. This allows us to maintain a much higher quality database of jobs than you will find on any other job search site on the web today. There are no outdated jobs that have already been filled, no ads posted by recruiters and headhunters, and no identity thefts or work-at-home scams. LinkUp will always generate the highest quality jobs available.”

What is HigherEdJobs?

I often have students in my masters courses ask me about how to find online teaching jobs. I personally think has some of the best higher education jobs and the information is delivered in the easiest format.  They have a great search engine and it allows you to save your searches and have emails sent to you.  You can list keywords in your search so that you can weed out jobs that are not of interest to you.  For example, I like only online positions, so I can include the word online and it will send me online positions.  I have yet to find most of the jobs they offer on on sites like Monster or Careerbuilder, etc.  It may just be that I haven’t searched at the right times, but this site has some unique positions.  I have noticed that some schools such as The University of Phoenix use Monster to advertise their positions and not HigherEdJobs.  Therefore, I would recommend setting up searches on both sites to be sure you are receiving all of the latest and most complete online teaching job information. 

Indeed:  The Google for Job Searching

Another very popular job search site is  Maclife recently called Indeed, “(free) . . .the Google of job searches; it pulls listings from job boards and collates results in a simple interface.” For a FAQ and quick tutorial on how to use, click here

Monster:  Map Your Way To Success

I left Monster for last because I think a lot of people have used Monster and are familiar with what it has to offer.  Monster still has some great options and lists a lot of the top jobs.  What you may not have seen is their beta version career-mapping program.  Click here to see more. If you want to put in your starting job title and your goal job title, it can map out the path you will need to take to achieve that goal.  I tried with a simple transition, sales to manager, and it worked well.  When I tried more complicated jobs such as sales to professor, then it didn’t come up with anything.  I think it has some great potential but it still needs some work.