Michael Douglas’ Cancer Sheds Light on Disease and Treatment Options

I recently posted a guest blog by Dr. Robert Spies, an Arizona plastic surgeon, who discussed Michael Douglas’ throat cancer.  To see that full article, click here.   Dr. Spies performs many reconstructive surgeries on patients who have head and neck cancers. 

Before someone like Dr. Spies can reconstruct the patient, a specialist focusing on head and neck surgery, removes the cancer. In Arizona, one of those specialists is Dr. Glenn Rothman.  Dr. Rothman is one of very few surgeons who use a new technology to remove cancer.  This involves robotic arms and 3-D technology.  ABC News recently featured a very interesting story on Dr. Rothman.  Click here to see the full story. 

Both Dr. Spies and Dr. Rothman have been voted as “Top Docs” by their peers in Phoenix Magazine.