What are Hover Cards?

Have you heard about hover cards?  Twitter introduced hover cards earlier this year. In July, Facebook announced the use of hover cards.  What is a hover card? You’ve probably seen them but didn’t know what they were called.  If you place your mouse over a picture or information, it blows it up bigger so you can see it better and find out more about it.  That is the hover card showing the blown up information as you hover over it.  

Now Gravatar hover cards are available on WordPress. Check out the latest WordPress blog about Gravatar Hover Cards by clicking here.

WordPress inputs Gravatar images,  those images that can follow you from site to site,  into their blogs.  Now users can also have the hover card feature.  For more information about Gravatar and its many areas where it is popping up on the web, click here.

Directions about how to set up hover cards on WordPress can be found by clicking here.