What is Google Goggles? Visual Search Technology is Here

Google Goggles is a visual search engine for Android and iPhones.  It allows you to search by taking a photo.  It is as simple as opening Google Goggles and taking a picture of the thing you want to know more about. It has many uses.  One of those uses is to scan a business card in to find out more about the company or person and add their information easily to your contact list. You can take pictures of landmarks, famous buildings or artwork and Google Goggles can give you more information about them. Goggles also includes a language translator. Their video shows an example of taking a picture of a menu item that is in a foreign language and having it easily translated. They say it works well on a lot of things but no so well on food, cars, plants or animals. Right now it is available for Android and iPhone.

Yesterday Google announced an experiment they are doing with Buick, Disney, Diageo, T-Mobile and Delta Airlines. These companies have enabled their ads, posters and other media to be Googles-enabled. This means that you can take a picture of these items and they will be recognized by Google Goggles, allowing the user to go directly to the brand’s mobile destination. For more about this go to GoogleBlog at Blogspot.