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Finding a job that encompasses what you love, and embarking on personality strengths, is the ultimate goal in Dr. Diane Hamilton’s newest book, REINVENT YOUR CAREER: MAKE MONEY DOING WHAT YOU LOVE.  Industry changes, job loss and work dissatisfaction have forced people to reinvent their careers. In this guide to making more money doing what you love, readers find today’s tools for a successful career transition.

In many cases, new employment seekers are unhappy with their current position.  They may desire a better job, but are unsure where to look for new opportunities. Each person can facilitate their career search through career analysis to take advantage of their job preferences and land their dream job. Dr. Hamilton urges readers to utilize information obtained from personality tests like Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and DISC to reinvent their careers.  These tests help readers identify their personality preferences.  This information used in conjunction with the insight given in Dr. Hamilton’s book can help people take the first step in reinventing their career’s direction. 

Dr. Hamilton explains how to use a personal SWOT analysis to revamp a resume, make improvements and focus on career options. These are effective tools for new career seekers, to manage when searching jobs that may be a good fit for their personality preferences.  REINVENT YOUR CAREER: MAKE MONEY DOING WHAT YOU LOVE gives instruction in practical ways to facilitate change.  There is an excellent chapter dedicated to facing fears that explains techniques, like challenging a person’s comfort zone, to face a looming career change.  Dr. Hamilton not only provides instruction, but also provides examples of how to apply it to the everyday experience.

Dr. Hamilton used her personality preferences to seek the career of her dreams. Dr. Hamilton remained in the same company for 20 years until she found the power to leave and reinvent her career.   She now does what she loves as an author, guest speaker and professor.  Admittedly loving  administrative work, Dr. Hamilton took what she truly enjoyed and applied that to obtaining her dream job.  REINVENT YOUR CAREER: MAKE MONEY DOING WHAT YOU LOVE includes resources for education, links to professional and social networking sites, and explains how to overcome the fears of career change.  Finding out what you love and what your personality is geared toward can revive your job search and improve the odds of landing that dream career!


Dr. Diane Hamilton has a doctorate in business management.  She currently teaches bachelor-, master-, and doctoral-level courses for six online universities.  She has written several books including The Online Student’s User Manual: Everything You Need to Know to be a Successful Online College Student, It’s Not You It’s Your Personality:  Surviving and Thriving in the Modern Workplace and her latest HOW TO REINVENT YOUR CAREER: MAKE MONEY DOING WHAT YOU LOVE.  To find out more about her writing, visit her website http://www.drdianehamilton.com/ or blog https://drdianehamilton.wordpress.com/

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