Top 10 Gifts to Buy Millennials and Post-Baby Boomers for Christmas

The term Millennial is sometimes used very broadly to include any group since the Baby Boomer generation. I personally have resorted to using the term NewGens to refer to all of the post-Boomer generations.  NewGens can be a challenging group to please at Christmas time. 

This group is used to technology and may expect instant gratification. In fact, anything based around technology or social media is hot!  Companies are doing some unique things to target this unique market.  Check out some interesting marketing being used by Coke, Gap, American Eagle and J C Penney by clicking here.  

If you are having difficulty finding that perfect gift for that Gen X, Gen Y, Millennial, or (most easily stated) NewGen, consider the following:

  1. iTouch or iPad or just about anything Apple including Itunes gift cards
  2. Wii or XBox is still popular
  3. Clothing or Clothing Accessories
  4. Video Games
  5. It’s Not You It’s Your Personality – Books like this are always popular
  6. Gift Cards – Their popularity is expected to be high again this year – You can personalize them to make the more fun
  7. Digital Camera – video cameras are hot for making Youtube videos
  8. GPS
  9. DVD Gift Pack
  10. Traditional games like Pictionary or MadGab

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