Top 10 Apps to Help You Reach Your New Year’s Health and Fitness Resolutions

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It’s the new year and many have made resolutions to lose weight.  There are even more support systems than ever to help people attain their goals.  One of the newest technologies that may be of some help are the apps available on iPhones, iPads and other digital devices.  Check out some of the most useful apps that could help you attain your fitness goals in 2011:

1.  Nikewomen Training Club – This free app helps motivate you to exercise.  You can choose workouts and have virtual coaches demonstrate exercises.  You can even use your own music to create a soundtrack to work out to from your iTunes library. 

2.  FitnessClass – Available with 3G or WiFi streams 230 video classes including a boot camp weight-loss session and even yoga.  You can choose segments that last from 10 to 60 minutes.  Classes range from $3-8 with 30 day class passes.

3.  Cardio Training – If you need a pedometer that can utilize your GPS from your phone system, this app is for you.  Available free from worksmartlabs, this app also comes with free add-ons for weight loss and resolutions to help with motivation. 

4.  iPump and FitnessBuilder – This pricier app ($9.99) includes workouts, an exercise database, videos of exercises and the ability to edit your own workouts.  

5.  FitnessClass – This free iPad app allows you to preview and purchase hundreds of exercise videos. 

6.  M-Train – Based on a PASE system (Pace, Agility, Strength and Endurance) this app allows you to add workouts for 99 cents each.  M-Train is created by ICS mobile

7.  BeatBurn Treadmill Outdoor Trainer – Good for interval workouts where you want to change the pace and change music choices. This app keeps track of speed, calories burned and incline information. 

8.  Imap my Fitness – This free app uses your GPS to track your workouts.  You can view your workout history and manually add information.  You can even tweet your results on Twitter. 

9.  Tap & Track Calorie, Weight Loss & Exercise Tracker – This app includes information about over 300,000 food items and information from 700 restaurants.  You can even work on this application when you are not online.

10.  Runkeeper Pro –  This app keeps track of running, walking and cycling workouts.  This application will let you know if you are on pace and keeps a history of your workouts.