Is Frankenstein Possible? Growing Human Blood Vessels and Artificial Organs


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Micromasony, or the ability to use cells for building artificial organs is something MIT researchers have been working on for some time.  Now there has been a new breakthrough where scientists have found they can actually take lab-grown tissue to grow its own blood vessels. Teams have implanted new vessels into mice cornea and confirmed new capillary growth. To see a video of this actual growth, check out a link by Popsci by clicking here.

If we can take cells and turn them into artificial organs, use tissue to grow blood vessels, is a Frankenstein type creature next?  Actually lightning bolts do have some place in this discussion.  According to Popsci “Lightning bolts may not bring Frankenstein to life, but their blood vessel-like patterns could form the foundation for artificial organs. Now researchers at Texas A&M University hope that those pretty feathery patterns could find a use, channeling bodily fluids through artificial organs. Discovery News reports that the lighting-carved tunnels resemble veins and arteries near the spot where nails are driven into the blocks, while the patterns deeper within the block appear more like smaller capillaries.”