Understanding 2011 Oscar Nominees’ Personality Profiles to be Successful

There has been a long history of people being interested in celebrities, their personalities and life styles.  In the book It’s Not You It’s Your Personality, celebrity personalities are used examples to explain how to understand individuals and their personality preferences by visualizing these traits in famous people. 

One commonly used personality test is a color-based test like the one by Management by Strengths (MBS).  The MBS focuses on temperament, explaining that people all have a combination of traits. Some of these traits may be stronger than others. MBS assigns a color to these traits.  A person with a dominant Red personality may be more direct and to the point. Some may refer to them as “Red Directs”. Someone with a Green personality may come across as extroverted, talkative and sensitive. If a person is categorized with a Blue personality, they may not like to be hurried and prefer a slower pace.  The Yellow personality tends to like structure. 

Looking at this year’s Oscar nominees for best performance by an actress in a supporting role, some of the nominees’ personality types come across strongly on film.  Amy Adam’s character in The Fighter had no problem telling it the way it was.  It would appear that Melissa Leo’s character in the same film had a similar way of communicating.  Both appeared to be “Red Directs”.  What happens when you get two “Red Directs” that don’t have the same opinion on something? For those who have seen the movie The Fighter, it’s apparent that it can cause tension.   

This year’s movie characters have a lot of “Red Direct” personalities.  Hailee Steinfeld from True Grit had no problem speaking her mind.  The “Red Direct” personality doesn’t usually sugar coat things.  In fact, they may cause hurt feelings, even if that is not their intention. 

Although I didn’t see Animal Kingdom and Jacki Weaver’s performance, I did see Helena Bonham Carter’s portrayal of the king’s wife in The King’s Speech.  That character was a little harder to categorize.  She had what appeared to be a high level of structure so one may consider her to be a Yellow.

Not everyone is only one color.  We all have levels of red, green, blue and yellow in our personalities.  Why does it help to know this?  By recognizing personality traits and preferences, we can learn to get along better with one another.  In the workplace, people of all types must learn to recognize how they come across.  They must also recognize the type of interaction others prefer. 

To find out more about celebrity personality types and how to utilize that information to be successful at work, check out:  It’s Not You It’s Your Personality.