LinkedIn Advertising Effectiveness in Question When Majority of Members Don’t Visit Site

LinkedIn recently filed paperwork for their IPO.  Within their application, they noted, “… a substantial majority of our members do not visit our website on a monthly basis, and a substantial majority of our page views are generated by a minority of our members.” This brings up an important question about the effectiveness of advertising on Linkedin. 

LinkedIn boasts of having over 90 million members in over 200 countries as well as being the most extensive network for professionals.  This may be the case, but if their members are not logging into their site regularly, advertisers may see this as a big problem.  So far, ad revenue has not been a major contributor to their financial success.  According to, “Ad revenue is 32 percent of Linkedin’s entire business. The bulk of its money comes from subscriptions and “hiring solutions” for recruiters.”

LinkedIn’s VP of Marketing Solutions, Steve Patrizi told that they are developing their ad offerings.  When asked what type of advertisers are utilizing LinkedIn, Patrizi stated, “Our advertisers tend to be in industries like banking/finance, technology, travel but we’re also seeing automotive and education advertisers coming on board.”

Who is signing into LinkedIn? According to, “more males (57%) are users and the distribution of the age groups reflects the working world.  Interestingly, while LinkedIn still has more users over 54 years old (15%), this is a 7% drop from the 1st quarter.  That is offset by an 8% jump of the 24-34 year old users in the last six months.”