Zynga’s Farmville and Mafia Wars: Annoying You All The Way To The Bank


Are you tired of getting Farmville or Mafia Wars requests on Facebook?  The popularity of those requests may be annoying but they may also be indicative of a company’s success.  In this case, that company is Zynga.  This San Francisco-based company could raise as much as $500 million in preparation for an IPO next year.  That could bump their value to $10 billion.

NYDailyNews reported, “Zynga, which is said to be in negotiations with mutual fund giants T.Rowe Price and Fidelity Investments, currently has more than 50 apps and games. CityVille, which debuted in November, lets users create and control a virtual metropolis by buying and selling goods and materials with other Facebook users. It has 95 million monthly users and is the most popular game on Facebook. FarmVille, in which users build a virtual farm, is second with 51 million monthly users. Zynga, which also makes app versions of its more popular games for Apple’s iPhone and iPad, is said to be developing a new website, Zynga Live, that would be separate from Facebook and let gamers compete and interact with other users.”

Zynga’s mission statement is “to connect people through games.”  Founded in 2007 by Mark Pincus, Zynga was named after his bulldog.  They currently employ over 1300 people and boast to have over 50 million daily active viewers and over 215 million monthly active users.  Their Zynga.org has used income from their games to “benefit earthquake victims in Haiti and to fund school lunch programs for children in Haiti.”

What’s next for Zynga?  Check out the following video for more: