Google Using Cloud to Share Microsoft Files

Many networkers have found that Google Docs has been a great way to share information on Linkedin.  Now Google is adding some more useful ways to use Google Docs to share Microsoft documents. reported, “Google plans to formally introduce the new Google tool, called Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office, later this week after releasing it to early testers in November. The company says it takes Office files, uploads them to Google’s servers and gives them a unique Web address so they and can be accessed through Google Docs from any Internet-connected device. The files can also be accessed from within Office.”

With this new service, files will be on the “cloud” and can be shared by multiple people.  This new Google Connect feature will only be available for Windows users.  The Inquirer reported, “Google’s Cloud Connect is a shrewd move, giving the firm the chance to present existing users of Microsoft Office with the benefits of its free, cloud based office suite. The firm admitted the move is intended to “help bring more people to the cloud” and this could be just the carrot needed to help users get off Microsoft’s software.”

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