Deciphering Twitter: Twictionary Terms Can Be Very Intwesting

As Twitter grows in popularity, so does the number of terms that are associated with the site.  For example some of the popular terms you may hear are:

Hash Tag:  A number sign # followed by a key word indicates this is a category that people are tweeting about.  For example, if you see #Jobs, click on it and it will bring you to a page of everyone talking about that subject of jobs.

ReTweet:  If you see RT that stands for retweet which means to pass along someone else’s original tweet. 

This is just the beginning of some of the terms coined since the creation of the site.  Twitter has a glossary of terms where more definitions may be found.  For 102 Twitter Terms Phrases and Slang, check out   For a more complete list, describing who coined and defined Twitter terms, check out’s list.











image via: Google

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