Companies Like BMW Using Apps to Gather Data as Part of Product Marketing Research

Companies like BMW have created a new way to gather information as part of their research for product marketing.  BMW recently has a new app, Evolve, that will allow drives to track their driving habits to see how compatible they would be should they drive a battery-powered vehicle.

Product research is a big part of the marketing process.  In marketing classes, one of the basic things a student learns about is the product life cycle.  Products go through the following stages:  Introduction, Growth, Maturity, and Decline.  In the introductory phase, companies seek to gain product recognition through product, pricing, distribution and promotion. 

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What is unique about the BMW app situation is that they are learning about consumer behavior to incorporate that knowledge into the products they will offer later.  BMW will have a new electric vehicle called i3.  By gathering this information about drivers and their behaviors, the data can help the company know more about interest in their vehicle.  BMW will also be using social media to get customers to encourage their friends by sharing their driving experiences. 

Wall Street Journal reported, “BMW says its taking its buzz-creating efforts a step further, by integrating what it gleans from them into the marketing and development of the i3 and other electric cars. Smartphone users who download BMW’s new app, for instance, can feed their driving statistics into a main website that shows them how they and their fuel-savings compare with other drivers. BMW plans to collect the anonymous data on users’ driving patterns to inform the design of its mass-market electric cars.”