Celebrity Doppelgangers and Facial Recognition Fun

The word Doppelganger can be roughly translated as “evil twin”.   In German, doppel means double. Facebook previously instituted “doppelganger week” where everyone could post their celebrity look-alikes as their outgoing picture.  How can you decide which celebrity you resemble the most? MyHeritage.com has a fun little program that can help.  This site lets you upload a picture of yourself to see your celebrity look-alikes.  Don’t be surprised if the results don’t necessarily come back as the same gender.  It’s best to use a picture that shows your face looking straight ahead, without glasses and doesn’t contain anyone else in the shot. 

This site has more facial recognition software applications that are a lot of fun.  Have you ever wondered if you looked more like your mother or your father?  MyHeritage.com can tell you that as well.  The site allows you to enter pictures of you and your parents, and then it analyzes who you resemble most.  Apparently I look 10% more like my mother.

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