An Entrepreneur’s Startup Business Model Checklist

Whether they write it down or keep it in their head, the new entrepreneur keeps a checklist about any new big idea they may be considering.  Startup expert Steve Blank has created a video series for the new entrepreneur on Udemy where he explains the importance of this checklist.

Udemy is a site where online courses can be created about any subject.  “Udemy’s goal is to disrupt and democratize the world of education by enabling anyone to teach and learn online.” There is a wealth of knowledge on the Udemy site.  Entrepreneurs can search the site for relevant courses to help them with their business ventures.

In a recent presentation about entrepreneurs and their business model checklist, “ Steve Blank outlines a few points of necessary focus for the emerging business start-up, including market opportunity, market regulations and distribution, competitors and complimentors, and technology breakthroughs. He notes that the customer is not always the same thing as the payer, and that this bifurcation is creating interesting new business models.”


The following are the links for Blank’s entrepreneurial presentations:  

An Entrepreneur’s Checklist

Is First to Market the Best?

Vertical vs. Horizontal Markets

Market Risk and Technology Risk

The Entrepreneur and the Family

Blank’s Entire One Hour Talk

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