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Infographics can add some flare to an article. It may be a challenge to create one without the ability to navigate and comprehend complicated software.  That is why is such a helpful program.  In Edudemic’s article 10 Fun Tools to Easily Make Your Own Infographics, is listed as one tool that does not require a great deal of skill.

It is simple to take a template and simply add and change things.  For example, the original template, looked something like this:


While, this may be graphically appealing, it may take quite a bit of time to change something with this much detail.  If less information is required, it is simple to change a few things here and there.  Here is an example:


It may be costly and/or difficult to find just the right visual for an article. This site may be a great source of choices that can be easily tweaked to fit the topic at hand. The site offers quite a few templates and is growing daily.

To find out more, watch the following video:

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