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    In Response to: New York Times Article “The Restless Soul In the Bathroom Mirror” 

    In a recent article in the New York Times by Lee Weinstein, he stated, “My bathroom-mirror moment came one morning more than three years ago. I was 47, and it dawned on me that my 15th anniversary of working in public relations at Nike was fast approaching. Do I want to stay at Nike for five more years? The unequivocal answer from the man in the mirror was, “No!” I knew then that I had accomplished everything I wanted to do at Nike, and that it was time for me to get out and do something new. Thus began a two-year process of introspection and redirecting my career.”  To read the rest of Weinstein’s article, click here: nytimes.com

    My Response:  My PR gal asked me to read this article, because the story was so similar to what I just wrote about in my book How to Reinvent Your Career: Make Money Doing What You Love. I had been in my pharmaceutical job 15 years (20 in the company) when I had the same epiphany . . .  I could no longer continue that job.  I too, am a type A personality.  It was a frightening thing to leave a job that offered such security.  The New York Times author discussed Myers-Briggs.  I wrote about personality assessment in my book, as I am a qualified Myers-Briggs instructor.  He mentioned being an ENFJ.  I am an ESTJ.  I think our “J” part of our personality makes us very structured and therefore it can be hard for us to make a big change.  I’m glad he wrote about developing goals because that is a big part of making the change and I discuss that in my book (available this month) as well.   I am very close to that author’s age and I think there are a lot of us out there in the “golden handcuffs”, afraid to leave what others see as the “perfect job”.  I have learned through all of my growth and transformations, that what is a “perfect job” for one may definitely not be so perfect for someone else.  Throughout life, we change our interests and we must also reassess our goals.  It sounds like he has made a change in a direction that works for him.  I feel I have done the same.  My hope is that my book will help others learn that it is possible to do the job that really makes them happy and make the money they feel they deserve.

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    50 Famous People Who Failed Before Becoming Successful 

    In my book, How to Reinvent Your Career, I write about how some things we see as failures may actually lead us to something better.  The following is a list of 50 famous people compiled by Katrina Solomon from onlinecollege.org who failed before they became successes:

    1.  Henry Ford
    2.  R. H. Macy
    3.  F. W. Woolworth
    4.  Soichiro Honda
    5.  Akio Morita (Sony)
    6.  Bill Gates
    7.  Harland David Sanders (KFC)
    8.  Walt Disney
    9.  Albert Einstein
    10.  Charles Darwin
    11.  Robert Goddard (rocket researcher)
    12.  Isaac Newton
    13.  Socrates
    14.  Robert Sternberg (President of APA)
    15.  Thomas Edison
    16.  Orville and Wilbur Wright
    17.  Winston Churchill
    18.  Abraham Lincoln
    19.  Oprah Winfrey
    20.  Harry S. Truman
    21.  Dick Cheney
    22.  Jerry Seinfeld
    23.  Fred Astaire
    24.  Sidney Poitier
    25.  Jeanne Moreau (actress)
    26.  Charlie Chaplin
    27.  Lucille Ball
    28.  Harrison Ford
    29.  Marilyn Monroe
    30.  Oliver Stone
    31.  Vincent Van Gogh
    32.  Emily Dickinson
    33.  Theodore Seuss Giesel (Dr. Seuss)
    34.  Charles Schulz
    35.  Steven Spielberg
    36.  Stephen King
    37.  Zane Grey
    38.  J. K. Rowling
    39.  Monet
    40.  Jack London
    41.  Louisa May Alcott
    42.  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    43.  Elvis Presley
    44.  Ludwig van Beethoven
    45.  Igor Stravinsky
    46.  The Beatles
    47.  Michael Jordan
    48.  Stan Smith
    49.  Babe Ruth
    50.  Tom Landry
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    What I’d Say to My 16-Year-Old Self 

    When you have children, get the epidural the minute you get to the hospital! I think the “why” is pretty self-explanatory! But seriously . . . I wouldn’t say anything because I think that any mistakes I have made in the past were worth making . . . to teach me things in life. I wrote about that in my book. I don’t see too many things in life as mistakes . . . just lessons learned.

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