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    WordPress To Introduce New Stats Features For Authors 


    Many blogs on WordPress are large enough that they have several authors writing for them.  Wouldn’t it be nice to see which author is bringing in the most views?  Well now you can. 

    According to TimesoftheInternet.com, “Now, WordPress is introducing a stats feature which will allow the admin to see which posts are profitable and which authors are bringing in the most profit. This way, they can ask their authors to change their styles to bring in more profit for the site. This is one feature that is very useful for WordPress blog admins. They can easily manage their top authors from their dashboard and make necessary changes.This feature should be available very soon, probably in the next beta release of WordPress.  So if you’re running a WordPress blog, you could make good use of this feature which will help you manage your site authors.”

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    Authority Pro: Promises More Than the Typical WordPress Theme Engine 

     Authority Pro Review - WordPress Squeeze Page Plugin


    Authority Pro has positioned itself as a theme engine unlike any other currently available for WordPress.  The intent of the engine is to maximize the ability to have content delivered as needed and to drive conversations.  They offer 24 customizable widgets to increase functionality.

    I’ve been reading some reviews of Authority Pro since it debuts today.  

    Promotedprofits.com stated, “The promise of Authority Pro is this: you get targeted traffic, and it’ll work to get you the very best conversions possible, on as many of your pages and posts as possible.  It can continuously split-test for you, so that you’re always finding better and more profitable ways of configuring your site. If you have low levels of traffic, Authority Pro might be critical for you, as you need to really maximize the ROI of each visitor that comes to your site.  If you get moderate to high levels of traffic, then it’s obvious that you have a lot to gain from Authority Pro.”  

    Netmarketingcourse.net lists the following capabilities as part of Authority Pro:

    • Video Fake Out
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Website Optimizer (split testing)
    • Built In Squeeze Page Graphics
    • Multiple Squeeze Page Templates
    • Aweber & Get Response Intagration
    • Custom Exit Page Redirect
    • Custom CSS Coding

    James Morgan at Articlebase.com claims he was skeptical about this product due to all of the hype, but found the product to be much more than a theme.  He stated, “It comes pre-installed with a bunch of different squeeze page templates that make your sites indistinguishable from the ones the pros spend thousands and thousands of dollars testing.”

    They are offering this product for $97 and you can get it by clicking here.

    If anyone has used this and wants to fill me in on their experience, I’d love to hear about it.

    • Lewis 4:33 am on November 12, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Product seems great but support sucks… the product comes with no training, no help just the theme …

      They have the nerve to upsell you and training that is not created yet … I guess that is why they wont give you and basic training on how to use the theme.

      • drdianehamilton 11:16 am on November 12, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks for the information Lewis. I’ll be curious to hear if anyone else has had the same experience.

    • Carl Burke 8:13 pm on December 8, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I hear you Lewis, It seems as if their support has just stopped in the middle of November, and do note that most of the training is just a brief description, with no ins and outs of the features. Shoot I am still working on giving the theme a face lift to include My own header banner, And the sad part is I know it can be done based on the community site, there setting do not allow you to make those changes, without html knowledge. Well I am still waiting to see if I am wrong. Here is the sad part is that I really like the theme, but with no support what good is it?

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    Top 10 Ways to Find a Job or Have a Job Find You 

    With the current job market, people are looking for unusual ways to stand out in the crowd.  I recently gave a presentation at a local university where I explained the job searching tips I discuss in this article.  To see that actual live presentation, click here.

    If you are not utilizing some of the following ways to showcase your talents to prospective employers, you may be missing the boat.  Here is my top 10 list of things you need to be doing if you are looking for a job.

    1.  Research Top Career Sites like Monster, CareerBuilder, etc. Look for sites specific to the industry in which you want to work.  For example, there are pharmaceutical-specific sites like Medzilla or higher educational-specific sites like HigheredJobs.  Update your information with each of these sites and set up searches so that jobs are sent to you as they become available.  

    2.  Utilize Camtasia and PowerPoint to showcase your abilities.  If you know how to create a PowerPoint presentation, then it can be quite simple to use a software package like Camtasia to have voice-over capabilities to make your presentation have more depth.  These presentations can be showcased on many different sites including your blog or website if you have one.  One of the best places to showcase your talents with the final presentation product is through Youtube. For an example of one I’ve made, click here.

    3.  Utilize Youtube to present “you” as a viable product.  If you have created a video or a Camtasia/PowerPoint presentation mentioned previously, Youtube is the place to upload it for maximum exposure.  If you have a skill that is visual such as ability to work in Photoshop, you can create print screens of your work and incorporate them into your presentations. 

    4.  Google Docs is very much like PowerPoint but it can be seen by people on the Internet as well as be imported into your Linkedin Profile. To see an example of one I have created, click here.

    5.  Prezi is also similar to PowerPoint in that it is presentation software.  The big difference is how it displays your information. This web-based program can show things in a non-linear fashion.  If you haven’t had a chance to view a Prezi presentation, check one out by clicking here.

    6.  Blogging is a great way to get your presence known on the Internet.  Sites like WordPress are free and easy to set up.  You can link your blog to several other networking sites to capture the attention of those on Facebook, Twitter and many more sites.

    7.  LinkedIn is probably one of the best sites you can use to get exposure to people and showcase your talents.  Utilize their Q&A area to become an expert.  Sign up for groups to meet others that could hook you up with opportunities.  Import your Google Docs, WordPress blogs and other information to showcase your abilities.  Tie your status line into Twitter to get more exposure.

    8.  Facebook is also an important place to network. You can create a professional page for your work or display your products that you are promoting. 

    9.  Twitter can also be a useful way to have others learn about what you are doing professionally.  Be sure you tie in your other sites links to Twitter.  Use programs like bit.ly to shorter any web addresses to fit your message on Twitter.

    10. Old Fashioned Networking is still important.  Always have your business card with you.  Talk to everyone you know and talk to people you don’t know.  If you are sitting by someone on an airplane or standing in line to buy something, you just might find that the person you meet has connections.  Have your business card ready!

    For more articles to help you, see:

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    What are Hover Cards? 

    Have you heard about hover cards?  Twitter introduced hover cards earlier this year. In July, Facebook announced the use of hover cards.  What is a hover card? You’ve probably seen them but didn’t know what they were called.  If you place your mouse over a picture or information, it blows it up bigger so you can see it better and find out more about it.  That is the hover card showing the blown up information as you hover over it.  

    Now Gravatar hover cards are available on WordPress. Check out the latest WordPress blog about Gravatar Hover Cards by clicking here.

    WordPress inputs Gravatar images,  those images that can follow you from site to site,  into their blogs.  Now users can also have the hover card feature.  For more information about Gravatar and its many areas where it is popping up on the web, click here.

    Directions about how to set up hover cards on WordPress can be found by clicking here.

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    Do You Need Help With WordPress? 


    I was interested in this press release as I have had a few issues with my WordPress stats screen lately.  My charts have not been showing up correctly in Explorer.  If anyone tries this service, I’d love to hear how they like it.

    PRLog (Press Release) – Sep 22, 2010 – Phoenix, AZ September 22, 2010 – Excelnet Media is proud to announce the launch of a new website for Professional WordPress Help. The website is aimed towards businesses or people who need WordPress support, WordPress consultation, or any kind of WordPress help. For those companies that need immediate help, Professional WordPress Help offers remote screen sharing for instant problem solving and tutoring. The website also offers WordPress tutorials for those who like to do it themselves. Professional WordPress Help offers WordPress theme customization and fully custom WordPress theme design and development. One of the main features of the company, is that they offer WordPress maintenance packages. All 5 packages include WordPress support, WordPress maintenance and WordPress consultations. There is no need to worry about upgrading WordPress, upgrading WordPress plug-ins, backing up WordPress and the database, because it is included in the monthly maintenance packages. WordPress is a very popular blogging and content management system (CMS). In 2009, WordPress won the Overall Best Open Source CMS award. WordPress allows users to update the content on their website or blog instantly without a webmaster or knowing programming languages. To find out more about Professional WordPress Help call 480-788-4343 or go to http://www.professionalwordpresshelp.com

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    What is comScore’s Social Analytix? 

    Are you looking to follow how often your company’s brand is mentioned?  You might be interested in comScore’s Social Analytix.  This is a new social media tool that can provide detailed insights. 

    According to CBR, “comScore said that Radian6 technology captures mentions across 150 million social media sources including blogs, discussion boards, video and image sharing sites and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn Answers. The Social Analytix will enable clients to monitor consumer-generated brand mentions and gauge consumer sentiment, listen and respond to potential customer service issues, and help identify key social media influencers. The new social media intelligence also engages with social media users and scale listening and response across their organisation, and tracks the lifecycle of campaigns, announcements and communication efforts. comScore vice president Steve Dennen said that the new Social Analytix leverages Radian6’s social monitoring technology to help the company provide its clients with enhanced insights into a critical variable in the marketing mix equation: consumer word-of-mouth. ”

    The comScore site claims Social Analytix will enable clients to:

    • Monitor consumer-generated word-of-mouth brand mentions and gauge consumer sentiment toward their brands, products and/or competitors
    • Listen and respond quickly to potential customer service issues as they arise
    • Help identify key social media influencers, reach out to them and form strong relationships with their customers
    • Engage with social media users and scale listening and response across their organization
    • Track the lifecycle of campaigns, announcements and communication efforts

    If you want to learn more about Analytix, click here.

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    5 Useful Sites For Help With WordPress 

    Collection of WordPress statistics:  http://en.wordpress.com/stats/

    WordPress TV visual resources for all things WordPress: http://wordpress.tv/

    Video press – Upload and share videos on WordPress – converts your video into multiple formats:  http://videopress.com/?ref=wpcom

    WordPress beginners guide: http://www.wpbeginner.com/category/beginners-guide/

    How to create a slide show in WordPress: http://wordpress.tv/2010/04/14/using-slideshows-on-wordpress-com/

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    How to Add Your Company Information into Crunchbase and Import the Code into WordPress 


    If you haven’t read about Crunchbase yet, click here.  Crunchbase is the free database of technology companies, people, and investors that anyone can edit. To see my profile on Crunchbase, click here.   If you want to be listed on their site, you can fill out the information, they will review it and if approved, you will be listed on their site.  Many popular blog sites are linking to Crunchbase.  In my article about social media IPOs, note that many of the companies listed are linked to Crunchbase.  Click here for that article.

    Once your information is set up on Crunchbase, you can go to your profile, take the html text and paste it into your WordPress text feature in widgets.  It is simple to do this.  Just go the WordPress appearance area and pick widgets.  Drag a text box into your sidebar.  In the text box, you will copy and paste the information that is listed from the Crunchbase page that contains your profile information. You can find that code listed in the sharing information on the right side of your Crunchbase profile.   Once you have copied the code into your text box and saved it, you can see what that information will look like if you look at the right side of my blog and scroll down.

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    What is Formstack? Creating Forms on WordPress 

    WordPress has become the preferred blogging platform for many users online, and as it’s footprint expands companies are coming out with widgets and plugins to make the platform even more user friendly.

    Formstack.com has released a WordPress Online Forms application which makes the task of creating forms much easier for WordPress users. Formstack’s web form creator allows users to create forms with an easy to use HTML editor. There is no need for any additional software or programming to be done when using Formstack.

    Once the data has been collected, users can edit it, share it with others, interface it with third party application such as Salesforce, Highrise, and many others. Formstack even has their own API. Formstacks simple to navigate site even shares video showing how Formstack works.

    Formstack can be a valuable tools to small business, nonprofits, educators, web designs, and more. With Formstack there are no sign up fees, no minimum contracts, and no long-term contracts. They has packages to fit any size organization, and even offers a free version of Formstack.

    According to an article by Chris Lucas, their WordPress plugin features include:

    • Ability to embed a web form widget in your blog or site’s sidebar
    • Automatically embed any Formstack web form into a page or post using a short code
    • Native Formstack button on your WordPress Tiny MCE Editor (Menu Bar)
    • Works with Free and Paid Plans

    Here are just a few ways that you can use the it and the widget:

    Check out their video to highlight some of the features by clicking here to read the rest of the Chris Lucas article. You can also see their  WordPress Plugin page to view more screenshots as well as to download the plugin and get started using your Formstack web forms in your WordPress blog or website.

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    Are You Using Trailmeme? 

    According to ReadWriteWeb, “Social bookmarking sites like Delicious are useful for collecting bookmarks, but they don’t allow users to really draw connections and tell stories. That’s where curation-focused services like Pearltrees and Trailmeme come in. Trailmeme, which was incubated at Xerox and launches at DEMO this week, allows users to bookmark sites and then organize them in tidy diagrams, making it easy to highlight the relationship between different items and for readers to browse these links.” For complete article, click here.

    According to the Trailmeme site, “Trailmeme is a new kind of Web publishing that you can use to create a trail of content on a specific topic that’s interesting to you. You can also read other peoples’ trails and walk them to keep up with any updates they make. The technology allows you to gather related content from the Web in one place, in an order or sequence that you think helps make sense of it all. Any number of pages can be collected, organized, and annotated in whatever way you think is best. Trails don’t need to go in a straight line, either. You can make a whole map of content from different sites, connecting web content in multiple and meaningful ways. Trailmeme is not the only place where this technology can be used. The Trailmeme for WordPress plugin allows you to create trails out of posts on your own self-hosted WordPress blog. This can help you reorganize your blog in a variety of ways, rather than just having reverse-chronological order as the organization.”

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