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Through my speaking, teaching, and writing, I help professionals to improve their lifetime potential.  From working several decades in multiple industries, I have garnered the knowledge to help others learn from my victories. I do not believe in defeat; rather, “mistakes” provide more opportunity to learn for the next adventure. I have a Ph.D. in Business Management.  My books include some of the most sought-after content taught in leadership programs including soft skills, personality assessment, and emotional intelligence.  One of my books was required reading at a local university. I have worked as an Editor in Chief, my writing is featured on websites like Investopedia, and many of my studies published in peer-reviewed journals. To find out more about hiring me as a speaker for an event, please visit: http://www.speakermatch.com/profile/drdianehamilton/testimonials/


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The Online Student’s User Manual

If you are considering enrolling in an online university, there are plenty of books that will help you decide on the right school or find the money you need to finance your higher education. But if you want answers to all your other questions too, The Online Student User’s Manual takes you where no other manual has gone before—deeply into the online learning experience. Not sure if you have enough computer skills or know how to navigate in cyberspace? Intimidated by all the new terminology? The Online Student User’s Manual will allay your fears and frustrations, as it provides you with information that will make you able to successfully traverse the online halls of learning.

Here’s something you should know—Dr. Hamilton has provided the most comprehensive ‘soup to nuts’ book about online education on the planet. It’s a real hand-holder to get you started, guide you to a degree and beyond into the workforce.”

Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant
“Stuff You Should Know” Podcast

“As a former online learner myself and online professor for more than a decade, I can say this is by far the best book I have read on becoming a successful online learner. I WILL recommend this book to my learners.”

Dr. Dani Babb
Author, Professor, Consultant

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How to Reinvent Your Career

For those of you that are either in golden handcuffs, got laid off, are in an industry you don’t like, or are just ready for a change. This book helps you deal with the stresses, find the job best suited to your personality and interests, explains the education requirements and how to pay for them, teaches you how to network, gives you tips on how to face your fears, learn life balance, and improve your health to allow you to reinvent your career and your life.

“There has never been a better time to take note of Dr. Diane Hamilton’s wise and encouraging advice. The world is changing rapidly and with change comes uncertainty…as well as opportunity. Find your passion. Use this book as a road map to a better career and a more fulfilling life. “

Mike Leonard NBC Today Show Feature Correspondent and Best Selling Author of ”The Ride of Our Lives – Roadside Lessons of an American Family”

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It’s Not You It’s Your Personality

This is a fun book for the young adult who would like to learn how to better cope with all of the crazy personalities in the working world. Learn why people act the way they do based on understanding personalities and personality assessments. It will educate and entertain you while you learn invaluable resources to get ahead in the working world.

Carl Jung once said that “when an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside, as fate.” The latest book by Diane Hamilton and Toni Rothpletz helps you become more aware of yourself and puts YOU in charge of your life. Some books are meant to be glanced at; others chewed. This one should be slowly digested. So get your marking pens out and prepare for a voyage of discovery!

Mark R. Grandstaff, PhD Award-Winning Scholar, Clinton Appointee, CEO Renaissance Thinkers

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