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    Site Makes Citing Easy 

    Citation Machine is a website that helps students learn how to format citations and references. According to the site, “Citation machine helps students and professional researchers to properly credit the information that they use. Its primary goal is to make it so easy for student researchers to cite their information sources.”

    The site also includes a “most cited today” section where it displays some of the most recently cited websites and books.

    A student can simply put in a site and author information and it will give the appropriate example of how to cite that information within their paper in APA or MLA. If the student has the ISBN number, it is even easier.

    The following example shows how entering the ISBN can return APA citation results.  First enter the ISBN.

    Then hit submit.  That will pull up a page that looks something like this.

    Click “Make Citation” and it will create the biographical citation information for the reference page as well as the in-text citation information that will look like this.

    Note that I did not enter the publisher or publishing city information in the prior example.  This led to a citation that is lacking that information.  I purposely did that to show that if information is left out, the results may not be perfect.  Although the in-text citation information is correct here, the reference page information is missing the publisher and location.  Be sure to double-check that all appropriate information is input or the output may not be correct.

    If you do not have the ISBN, you can enter the information you do have.  Note that on the left side of the screen, the site gives you choices of books, articles, journals, blogs and more.  Click on the appropriate source and enter the information that you have.

    Although this system is not fool-proof, it can be a helpful instrument in guiding students regarding APA or MLA citation and reference formatting.

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    Dwight Schrute is an Obsessive Pleaser: It’s Not You It’s Your Personality Gives Readers Insight into What Makes People Tick 

    PRweb Press Release – It might be obvious that Dwight Schrute is a control freak. But, who knew that Chris Rock was an introvert? Understanding how to read personalities is important according to mother and daughter co-authors, Dr. Diane Hamilton and Toni Rothpletz. They blow the lid off what many thought they knew about personalities in their latest book: It’s Not You, It’s Your Personality. This is the ultimate handbook for understanding the inner-workings of not just celebrities—but co-workers, friends and family. Chris Rock, like many celebrity comedians is, indeed, an introvert according to a popular personality test. Are people prepared to work with the Rock and Schrute personalities of the world? Hamilton and Rothpletz help answer some important personality quandaries like this as well as: How should people interact with introverts? Does the boss’s birth order matter? How does one climb the corporate ladder of success by developing emotional intelligence?

    There’s no question that Diane and Toni are the type of authors that readers would want to hang out with. It’s Not You, It’s Your Personality is as fun of a read as the title dictates. It takes readers on a journey through the many ways one can analyze personalities. Along the way, a lot is learned about the personalities of celebrities, coworkers, friends and family. The Myers-Briggs personality test, also created by a mother-daughter team, indicates Ari Gold of “Entourage” fame has the personality trait of a “thinker.” Though not all thinkers are cold-hearted, the “thinker” is all business. There is no time to worry about how others are reacting. Truly, however, even Ari has a soft side—or viewers wouldn’t continue watching. People, including Ari, have different personality preferences. Even a “thinker” may sometimes be a “feeler,” depending on the circumstances.

    “With It’s Not You, It’s Your Personality we are taking what would normally be a tough topic to address—personalities—and making it fun and light-hearted,” says co-author Dr. Diane Hamilton, “The celebrities we know and love are out there to analyze, so why not have fun with the personality name game?”

    It’s Not You, It’s Your Personality is geared toward the new generation of workers, those generally born in the late 70s and beyond who are currently in the workforce. This generation, dubbed by Hamilton and Rothpletz as the “NewGens,” is taking a large chunk of the job force as baby boomers are set to retire. As cited in the book, companies far and wide are now trying to find new ways to train and interact with the NewGens. Personality tests abound. Which ones are the right ones? How can these assessments be used for success?

    “We recommend that you get a jump start on knowing your place in the office environment before you land that job,”says co-author Toni Rothpletz, “There are plenty of free tests out there. Being ready to deal with people is half the battle at any job on a day to day basis. By giving celebrity examples of personalities in our book, our hope was to better explain people’s individual preferences, while still entertaining the reader.”

    There is a noted severe uniqueness of very strong personalities in the NewGen community. Even with the advent of technology, people are the most valuable asset. Turnover costs money. Hiring the wrong person (or personality) costs money. Job hunters that know themselves the best, are setting themselves up for success because ultimately how they handle themselves on a day-to-day basis is what will get them ahead in the long term.

    So what about the personality preferences of Chris Rock, Ari Gold or Dwight Schrute? Bottom-line is it doesn’t matter the personality—certain things cannot be changed. However, the way people interact can be changed. Knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses is the key to advancing from even the seedling of a career.

    To find out more about their writing or to schedule an interview, visit Dr. Hamilton’s website at http://drdianehamilton.com or her blog at https://drdianehamilton.wordpress.com/.

    Review copies are available.

    It’s Not You It’s Your Personality –December, 2010 ($19.95/Amazon). ISBN: 9780982742839 Approximately 220 pages

    Rebecca Crowley – PR Contact – 649-619-1178


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    Gaining the Competitive Edge in this Economy May be Based on How Well You Know Your Personality 

    In a fun, light-hearted manner, dynamic mother and daughter duo, Dr. Diane Hamilton and Toni Rothpletz, share with readers their insight on the importance of understanding personalities. People and their different personalities are what make the workplace fun. Using tried and true personality tests can put modern workers ahead of the game—and ultimately make them successful in their career endeavors. In their just-released book, It’s Not You It’s Your Personality: Skills to Survive and Thrive in the Modern Workplace, Hamilton and Rothpletz desire to not only have their book be informative, but have readers laugh along the way.

    Now Available on Amazon

    Quote startThe latest book by Diane Hamilton and Toni Rothpletz helps you become more aware of yourself and puts YOU in charge of your life. ~Mark R. Grandstaff, PhD Award-Winning Scholar, Clinton Appointee, CEO Renaissance ThinkersQuote end

    New York, NY (PRWEB) December 8, 2010

    What drives the economy? People. People are behind every transaction. Business leaders will be the first to say that the most costly thing in business is personnel turnover. Unemployment is at 9.7%. This has led to an unstable work environment filled with a diverse group of workers. No matter what age, it is necessary to understand the different personality types that workers possess. For post-Baby Boomer generations, it can be a challenge to educate them about personality assessment, while still maintaining their interest. The recently released book, It’s Not You It’s Your Personality: Skills to Survive and Thrive in the Modern Workplace, may have the solution.

    There is an undying stratification in how the “new generation” of workers relate to their older peers. Technology sets them apart. A feeling of entitlement is out there for many workers. Each experience in life creates the personality a worker brings to the table. Dr. Diane Hamilton and co-author daughter, Toni Rothpletz, argue that if Americans want to be successful, it’s time to look inside and find out what inherently makes them tick. The authors explain how to do this in their fun and sometimes irreverent look at the current workplace.

    It is essential for people to understand their own personality and to realize the impact their interactions may have on others. This is becoming increasingly more important as business owners and managers look to keep harmony among workers. Morale is important and if there is friction among personalities, managers are forced to make some tough decisions.

    “Toni and I believe that it is the worker’s responsibility to know their own personality and how their responses may be judged by others,” says Hamilton, “If anything, this economy has shown us that it is essential that we take ownership of our roles in the workplace. We wrote this book to help the modern worker learn some important personality skills while still having fun in the process.”

    Personality tests can be an informative tool. Myers-Briggs, DISC, The Big Five, Birth Order, Color Tests, Emotional Intelligence and other top personality tests are used by employers to assess potential and current employees. Hamilton and Rothpletz argue that it gives workers a leg up to have these powerful self-learning mechanisms. There are so many personality assessments, it can get confusing to know which one to research. It’s Not You, It’s Your Personality explains the top assessments and shows readers that learning about themselves and their coworkers can be a lot of fun.

    Mother/daughter team of Hamilton and Rothpletz, set out to edutain (educate and entertain) their post-Baby Boomer working world audience. If someone has ever wondered how their personality compared to famous celebrities like Lady Gaga or Johnny Depp, they may get some answers. However, one of the most valuable things they will learn from this book is why these personality tests are so important to their success and future ability to get ahead in the working world.

    About the Authors:
    Diane Hamilton currently teaches bachelor-, master-, and doctoral-level courses for six online universities. Along with her teaching experience, she has a Doctorate Degree in Business Management and more than twenty-five years of business and management-related experience. She is a qualified Myers-Briggs instructor as well as a certified Emotional Intelligence trainer.

    Toni Rothpletz has a Bachelor Degree in Global Business Marketing and is currently working on receiving her MBA. She currently works as a business developer/sales executive in the computer industry. Her background includes working in several industries including computer software, identity theft, and social networking organizations.

    To find out more about their writing or to schedule an interview, visit Dr. Hamilton’s website at http://drdianehamilton.com or her blog at https://drdianehamilton.wordpress.com/.

    Review copies are available.

    It’s Not You It’s Your Personality–December, 2010 ($19.95/Amazon). ISBN: 9780982742839 Approximately 220 pages

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    How to Reinvent Your Career 

    If you have lost your job or are in a career that you dislike, there is hope. In her latest book, How to Reinvent Your Career: Make Money Doing What You Love, Dr. Diane Hamilton explains: There is, in fact a way to find YOUR definition of that dream job and make the money you deserve every day.
    Mike Leonard of NBC Today‘s Show states: There has never been a better time to take note of Dr. Diane Hamilton’s wise and encouraging advice. Use this book as a road map to a better career and a more fulfilling life.”

    Many people have recently lost their jobs, forcing them to recreate their jobs and their lives—allowing them to finally do what they love. There are more freelancers and new businesses than ever before. Out of some abominable situations can come great ingenuity.

    Looking to reinvent your career? Dr. Diane Hamilton, author of the newly released book, How to Reinvent Your Career, has the experience and tools for creating a new work identity. After remaining in the same company for 20 years, she found the power to leave and reinvent her career and her life. Over the course of her working career she has reinvented herself 10 times, and with each job came a new lesson—both about life and the working world. Turning life lessons into real solutions, today Dr. Diane Hamilton is an author, speaker and teaches courses at multiple online universities.

    The first step Hamilton recommends for reinventing a career is finding out what are the “tasks” one truly enjoys doing on a day to day basis. Starting in an administrative job, Diane realized early on that she loved to do paperwork and work on computers. To many people, this is the worst part of the day but for her, a satisfying way to spend her days. Now, 25 years later, Dr. Hamilton is very happy doing these things as an author and online university professor. Everyone has different passions. Once one learns what actually leaves them fulfilled, it is time to do the research and find the job that fits that skill set. Ultimately, enjoying what you do every day will squash those “Sunday Night Blues.”

    Yes, believe it.

    Some jobs are perceived as the “dream job” when in fact it is different for everyone. “I had what seemed to be the perfect job from the outside when I was a pharmaceutical rep. I rarely had to work a full day, I traveled, barely spent any time ‘in’ an office and was financially doing very well,” says Hamilton, “However that was someone else’s dream job, not mine. I refer to this situation as being locked into the golden handcuffs. There are ways to make money and still do the work you love.”

    Personality tests are one way to find out what is the most suitable career to the individual. They are not to be underestimated. In her book Hamilton, a qualified Myers-Briggs instructor and certified emotional intelligence expert, explains the use of personal SWOT analysis, something commonly used by organizations, can be a great personal tool toward the road of job satisfaction and success.

    Above all, times are changing fast. There is new technology and now with the advent of social marketing there is a new way to communicate every day. Being adaptable to change and knowing the right ways to network for mutually beneficial relationships are skills that can be carried over into any career. Taking this time to keep up with the times is an investment in the future—the path to that career dream come true.

    About the Author

    Diane Hamilton has a doctorate in business management. She currently teaches bachelor-, master-, and doctoral-level courses for six online universities. She has written several books including The Online Student’s User Manual, The Young Adult’s Guide to Understanding Personalities and How To Reinvent Your Career. To find out more about her writing, visit her website at http://drdianehamilton.com or her blog at https://drdianehamilton.wordpress.com/. Review copies are available.
    How to Reinvent Your Career: Make Money Doing What You Love is available October, 2010 ($16.95/ Amazon). ISBN: 0982742819/9780982742815

    PR Contact:
    Rebecca Crowley, RTC Publicity

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    To read full press release click here.

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      Diane –
      I love the concept of your book, looking forward to reading it. I also was in the “golden handcuffs” (which I also call them) and didn’t know that’s what I was experiencing until I got laid off after 10 years. I launched my own business 4 years ago after this lay-off, and now I can’t imagine doing anything else that this career. I love my career and get out of bed everyday saying, “ok, bring it on”! 🙂 If you can, please bring copies of this book and your others to sell when you come out to Career Connectors to speak.

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        Hi Jessica,

        Thank you for your comments. I think a lot of people have found themselves in the golden handcuffs. Sometimes something nudges us out of them and it is the best thing that could happen to us. I am looking forward to discussing this more when I speak to your Career Connectors group next month. Take care.

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      Today we are doing more with less! I am reading your book to reinvent my style and have found it to be solid. Thank you for sharing and I would love to attend your connectors group.

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    Student Success Secrets Revealed by Author Whose Book is Required Reading at Arizona University 

    Dr. Diane Hamilton’s new book, The Online Student’s User Manual: Everything You Need to Know to be a Successful Online Student, may be geared toward the online learner, but instructors and online professionals can also learn from her advice. To find out tips and insight regarding how to help online students succeed, Dr. Hamilton will be conducting a webinar for the Sloan Consortium on October 27, 2010. This is an excellent opportunity to find out why online universities have tapped into Dr. Hamilton’s expertise to help their students succeed. Author and professor, Dr. Diane Hamilton’s (http://drdianehamilton.com/), new book will be required reading for all new online students at an Arizona university and is being considered as an addition at several other universities. To find out more about how to help online students excel, educators can access the webinar through Sloan’s website and students can obtain the book in paperback and digital formats through Amazon.

    Help for online students and online professors.

    Quote start“As a former online learner myself and online professor for more than a decade, I can say this is by far the best book I have read on becoming a successful online learner. I WILL recommend this book to my learners.” Quote endDr. Dani Babb Author and Professor

    Tempe, AZ (PRWEB) September 7, 2010

    The Online Student’s User Manual had been published less than two weeks by the time a well-respected Arizona technical university sought to include it as required reading for all of their new online learners.

    Some of the things the new online student will learn from Dr. Hamilton’s book include:

    *computer and software requirements
    *how to use the search engines and upload assignments
    *how to organize and manage your time
    *how to track and schedule your assignments
    *how to communicate effectively with your professors and fellow students
    *how to maximize your grade
    *what mistakes to avoid
    *how to create measurable goals and stay motivated
    *how to prepare for tests…and so much more.

    Dr. Hamilton currently works as an online professor for 6 different universities. She has taken her experiences and incorporated them into her book to help online learners succeed. Now she is taking it one step further, as she shares her expertise with other online professionals. Dr. Hamilton will be conducting a Student Success Strategies Webinar for The Sloan-Consortium, Sloan-C, on October 27, 2010 at 2:00 pm EST. Sloan-C is an institutional and professional organization that integrates online education into mainstream education For more information go to SloanConsortium.org or click here.

    Online professors who attend this webinar will learn ways to improve their students’ skills in the following areas:

    *Academic Honesty
    *Goal Setting
    *Time Management
    *Increasing Retention
    *Understanding Learning Preferences
    *Writing and Formatting
    *Test Preparation Techniques

    About the Author

    Diane Hamilton currently teaches bachelor-, master-, and doctoral-level courses. Along with her teaching experience, she has a Doctorate Degree in Business Management and more than twenty-five years of business and management-related experience. To find out more about her writing or to schedule an interview, visit her website at http://drdianehamilton.com or her blog at https://drdianehamilton.wordpress.com/. Review copies are available.

    The Online Student’s User Manual is available in paperback and digital formats–August, 2010 ($14.95/ Amazon). ISBN: 0982742800/9780982742808 Approximately –184 pages


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    Pacific Book Review for The Online Student’s User Manual 

    Title:  The Online Student User’s Manual: Everything You Need To Know To Be A Successful Online College Student         
    Author:  Diane Hamilton, Ph.D.   
    Publisher:  Dr. Diane Hamilton       
    ISBN:  9780982742808  
    Pages:  184 Paperback 
    Genre:   Reference/Business/Computers
    Reviewed by:  Nicole Sorkin, Pacific Book Review
    Visit the author’s website
    Read The Online Student User’s Manual in the Author Spotlight


    Are you thinking about pursuing an online education?   Most people these days have a challenging daily agenda with work, family and trying to pay bills in a difficult economic time. People are looking for solutions to help them in a fast-paced environment.  Dr. Diane Hamilton’s new book entitled, The Online Student’s User Manual:  Everything You Need to Know to be a Successful Online College Student will help the inquisitive reader explore the various options readily available to everyone. 

    Online schools offer a convenient way to complete many fully accredited classes, certificates and degrees in the privacy and comfort of your own home.    However, they aren’t an easy way out.   The potential student will still have lots of reading and writing.  In addition, online schools typically require the same amount of work and interaction as a traditional college course.  Students should plan to spend 5 to 12 hours each week on the class depending on the difficulty and how they process information.  The student has the main classroom, a discussion board and a forum where they participate in weekly discussions.  Some online schools even have a “chat room.”

    Dr. Hamilton stresses in her book that it’s essential the student has a functioning working computer and to have backup files of all work in case the computer crashes.  She strongly suggests you do your research to make sure that you are enrolled in an accredited school.  Dr. Hamilton provides a recommend link in her book for a complete list of accredited agencies.  She writes about making sure not to get trapped in the “diploma mill schools.” This term is used for schools that are fundamentally just selling diplomas and extracting money out of your wallet.  It’s important to be cautious of any “fake accrediting agency.”  A prime example of this would be Columbus University.                

    If you are considering enrolling in any online school or class, The Online Student’s User Manual would be a valuable resource that you should read completely. This book is an outstanding source of advice and information about online schools; including learning the correct buzz words, setting goals and time management techniques.  The reader will also learn how to improve their test-taking capabilities and will have access to easy-to-understand checklists and examples of online tools.   Dr. Hamilton explains important things to consider both about you as well as about a variety of online programs.  In the relatively new world of online education you need to carefully evaluate your options and this book will help you do it.   She also gives solid advice on what to expect and how to succeed as an online student. This book includes appendices, references, an index, a glossary, personality study techniques, and more.   

    I found this book to be an enjoyable read that communicates in terms that are easy to understand, yet offers a lot of very helpful information.  I highly recommend this book for anyone planning to invest in an online education of any kind; invest in this book first.  The Online Student’s User Manual: Everything You Need to Know to be a Successful Online College Student is the one necessary resource for anyone looking to begin or continue education through non-traditional means.  Online learning is the futuristic way of achieving an education.  

    Buy this book at Amazon.com

    via pacificbookreview.com

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