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    Princess Diana at 50: What She Would Look Like Today 

    Today would have been Princess Diana’s 50th birthday.  In recognition of that date, Newsweek’s latest cover shows a digitally-aged picture of Princess Diana walking alongside Kate Middleton.  Some are calling this picture creepy, while others find it to be interesting.  The DailyMail stated that the Newsweek article addresses some other controversial issues including whether Princess Diana would have accepted Camilla Parker-Bowles. The media has long been fascinated, some say obsessed, with Princess Diana and with the arrival of her 50th birthday, that has not changed.

    Royal Style: Princess Kate vs. Diana
    Newsweek imagines what Princess Diana would look like at 50, putting a digitally enhanced photo of her, alongside daughter-in-law Kate Middleton, on the cover of the latest issue. Diana, who appears trim with only a few wrinkles, would have reached her milestone birthday on July 1. In the cover story, Newsweek envisions that the Princess of Wales would have migrated to New York, dumped Dodi Al-Fayed, married twice more and made peace with her ex, Prince Charles, and his new wife Camilla. Newsweek adds that Diana would have enjoyed her new daughter-in-law and been best friends with Kate’s mother Carole Middleton. (Newsweek)
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    Photoshop Creating a Reverse Dorian Gray Syndrome: Our Pictures Don’t Age But We Do 

    A recent Photoshopped picture of Duchess Catherine aka Kate Middleton caught my attention.  For some reason, the folks at Grazia decided that Kate’s already extraordinarily tiny waste wasn’t quite tiny enough, so they Photoshopped it to unnatural and humanly unattainable dimensions.

    Photoshop has been used to make people look better in their pictures than they may look in real life.  This process has created what can be considered a reverse Dorian Gray Syndrome.  For those of you unfamiliar with Dorian Gray, it is a story by Oliver Wilde where a young man was so obsessed with remaining youthful that he was willing to sell his soul for it.  The deal he makes ensures that a portrait created of him would age but he would not. 

    Today’s photographers commonly Photoshop our pictures to make us look better.  The photo used on this site has had some work done to it.  In fact, we are so used to seeing Photoshopped pictures that when we see the actual person in real life, it can be a letdown. 

    Is Photoshop making us have unrealistic expectations of what we should look like?  Many people see these pictures and believe that Middleton’s12-inch waste is possible.  How much Photoshopping is too much?  Are we a reverse Dorian Gray society where we show up looking old and weathered while our picture remains perfect?  It’s not just Hollywood or rag magazines doing this.  I have known a  lot of people who have posted less than accurate pictures of themselves on dating sites.   This eventually has to catch up with us.  I imagine there has been a few surprised customers who eagerly awaited to see their date, only to find that they don’t quite get what they expected.

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    Kate Middleton Dukan Diet and Tracy Anderson’s 30 Day Method Latest Craze or Common Sense 

    With the upcoming wedding, there is a lot of focus on Kate Middleton. Her interest in France’s Dukan Diet is the buzz. According to Psychology today, this Atkins-like diet, “It is very restrictive and rule-bound (high protein, low calorie), and then eventually gives permission to “eat anything” on six days of the week if you revert to the original guidelines (to basically cut out everything except for lean protein) for one day of the week, ad infinitum.” I’ve tried Atkins-like diets in the past and found that not having carbs not only made me miss them (especially chocolate), but I couldn’t sleep.

    There are always new fads out there for dieting. Lately Tracy Anderson’s 30 Day Method has been mentioned quite a bit as well. After hearing that Courtney Cox and Gwyneth Paltrow use her method, I thought I’d get the Anderson book. Although I haven’t had a chance to watch the DVD that came with it, I did look at the daily amounts and types of food that she suggests in it. Although it would be nice to look like Cox or Paltrow, the food choices were very unusual (not much I could even eat because I am picky) and very small in quantity.  I will give some attention to her exercise program though as Anderson and her followers do look pretty amazing. 

    Sometimes these books are fun to read to see what people are doing out there to look perfect. But I think I’ll look a little less perfect and keep to a common sense diet … oh and with a little chocolate thrown in for good measure.

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