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    Top Things You Should Know about Google Plus (Google+) 

    You may have started to receive emails announcing that you have been added by someone on Google+ and be confused by what that means.  First of all it is important to understand Google+.  SEOdesk includes a nice article explaining what is Google+.  This new system is not unlike the Facebook “Like” feature. 

    The author of the SEOdesk article pointed out how Google’s new system works. “A small transparent plus one button will appear near your search results (log into your public Google account first), when you click on it, it should turn blue; this indicates that you have +1’d that particular link, it will appear on a new tab in your account which keeps a record of the various things online that you have +1’d (the plus one tab).” For a more detailed explanation, read the entire article

    How can people add you to Google+?  First of all, people can find you to add through a search function.  See how to find people on Google+.  They can then invite people to be friends with them on Google+. How can you protect your information if you don’t want others to see it?  Check out: protecting your Google+ profile information. For more information check out:  guide to working with circles in Google+.   

    If you receive a notification that someone has added you to Google+, it may include a statement like:  Don’t know this person? You don’t have to add them back (they’ll just see the stuff you share publicly). If you want to block someone, you can do so by following these instructions on blocking someone on Google+.

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    Google Adsense No Longer On Facebook 


    According to geek.com:  There are many advertising companies on the Internet all wanting to offer developers and website owners the opportunity to generate revenue from ads on their sites and services. By far and away the largest and most well-known is Google AdSense, which Google counts as its biggest revenue stream.

    Until recently AdSense was allowed on Facebook, meaning any developer wanting to support a Facebook app with adverts could use Google. However, that is no longer the case, and AdSense has been effectively banned from the social network.

    In order to be listed as an advertising provider on Facebook, companies has to sign up for the Facebook Platform Terms of Advertising Providers and agree to Facebook’s policies. The deadline for getting on to that list was February 28, and as of today AdSense is not on the list.

    To read the complete story go to: geek.com
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    Find Everything Google Has to Offer on “Google New” 

    If you are interesting in learning more about all of the products Google offers, you need to check out Google New.  On this site, you can watch videos about all of their latest products.

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    What is Google zeitgeist? Searching for Trends and Popularity on the Internet 

    image via geeksmack.net

    Google’s site defines zeitgeist “as, “zeit·geist | Pronunciation: ‘tsIt-“gIst, ‘zIt | Function: noun | Etymology: German, from Zeit (time) + Geist (spirit) | Date: 1884 | Meaning: the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era. “Zeitgeist” means “the spirit of the times”, and Google reveals this spirit through the aggregation of millions of search queries we receive every day. We have several tools that give insight into global, regional, past and present search trends. These tools are available for you to play with, explore, and learn from. Use them for everything from business research to trivia answers.”

    If you click here, you can reach the Google zeitgeist site.  Once there, you have access to the following search site links:

    Google Trends  

    Website Trends 

    Insights for Searches 

    Hot Trends 

    I tend to set up the Google news search function in iGoogle to find out about buzz words and things I am interested in at the time.  However, these sites can help you find out even more about what people really are searching for on the Internet.  I like the “insight for searches”  because you can create lists of specific words to find out popularity of topics in different regions.  Hot trends can also be helpful to give you an idea of what is popular throughout the day.

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    Google Search Tips: Using Google’s Lesser Known Functions for Research 

    With the popularity of Google, odds are you have probably tried using their search engine a time or two.  However, many people are unaware of how to refine their searches using Google’s lesser-known functions. 

    • To find information about a specific website, try inputting something like:  “info:drdianehamilton.com” – be sure you type in the parentheses.
    • Utilize the asterisk function.  For example:  “Facebook * millennials” will give you results with only those words.  If you just searched by “Facebook” and “millennials” you may have words between the two in your results.
    • Google does not recognize short words such as the, a, and, it . . . Nor is it case sensitive. However it does differentiate between singular and plural as i the case of “millennial” or “millennials”.

    If you are interested in some other search-related tools offered by Google check out the following sites:

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    Are You Using Wooeb’s Interactive Search Engine Platform? 

    If you haven’t heard of Wooeb.com yet, you need to check out their site.  Wooeb is an interactive search engine platform.  Rather than having to wait for search engines to pick up your information, they put it all together in one place. 

    They did a nice job with with creating ads and banners.  This is an example of an ad they can create for you on their site.  You can also click on it to find out more about my book:  How to Reinvent Your Career.

    They also offer press releases that you can incorporate on your wooeb site.  To see my site, go to: http://wooeb.com/drdianehamilton

    Check out an article about the Top 5 Reasons Wooeb Boosts Your Online Presence by clicking here.  In that article they list the following benefits of using Wooeb:

    1.  Everything is in one place

    2.  You own your URL

    3.  It is accessible to everyone

    4.  Wooeb indexes search engines

    5.  Messages boards are included to discuss topics with others

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    What is Web Scraping? 

    A scraper site is a spam website that copies all of its content from other websites using web scraping. The purpose of creating such a site can be to collect advertising revenue or to manipulate search engine rankings by linking to other sites to improve their search engine ranking. 

    There are now some sites that are working on finding out even more information about you through scraping.

    Scraping for Your Real Name

    PeekYou.com has applied for a patent for a way to, among other things, match people’s real names to pseudonyms they use on blogs, Twitter and online forums.

    Read PeekYou.com’s patent application.

    In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, they wrote about how scrapers broke into sites like PatientsLikeMe to find out information about patients to sell data about consumers to drug makers. To read this very interesting article, click here.

    It is disturbing to think that people are in medial chatrooms pretending to be patients in order to find out what drugs are being prescribed.  That kind woman you are chatting with about your hot flashes just may be a guy keeping track of your medical history.  For information on how to remove some of your personal details from the Internet, check out wsj.com/wtk.

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    What is Linkedin’s New Signal Program? 

    IPCommunications reported “LinkedIn recently debuted a new feature that may radically change the way that subscribers use its service.  The company launched the beta version of LinkedIn Signal, a product that allows users to search for and filter through the comments and updates of their contacts. The new service makes LinkedIn more of an interactive social networking tool than a simple web resource for business contacts. LinkedIn Signal even sorts through Twitter updates and posts them to a user’s homepage.”

    According to blog.linkedin.com there are several features in this new  release that will allow you to:

    1.       Filter: Browse only relevant status updates from your stream

    2.      Search for keywords, topics or people across the stream

    3.      Get an auto updated real-time stream with rich content

    4.      Find the hottest trending links across any relevant topic

    5.      See who’s shared this link?  And one more thing: saved real time searches

    I recommend reading the full article about these new features by clicking here.

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    Top Reasons Why Google Needs to Buy Twitter 

    In a recent article from BusinessInsider.com, Henry Blodget gives some compelling reasons as to why Google needs to buy Twitter. Here are just the highlights. For the complete article, click here.

    • Apple, Google’s other nemesis, is now making its first push into the social networking business, and there is presumably more where that came from.
    • Google’s attempts to break into the social business organically have utterly flopped.
    • Google has ~$30 billion of cash rotting on its balance sheet earning nothing, and it piles up another ~$2 billion of new cash every QUARTER.
    • Twitter is now large and self-sustaining enough that Google might be able to avoid screwing it up.
    • Google has so much cash that it could buy the top 10 companies in the “Twitter ecosystem” tomorrow for peanuts.
    • Twitter is now experimenting with revenue models, and Google CEO Eric Schmidt appears to believe that Twitter will coin money someday.

    How much would it cost Google to buy Twitter? Probably $5 billion.

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    What is YouTube Instant? 

    Have you checked out YouTube Instant yet?  If you go to http://ytinstant.com/ and type in what you are looking for, it instantly pulls up a video based on your search words.  I put in drdianehamilton since that is what I use for most of my sites.  It worked really fast.  If I just put in Diane Hamilton, I got Diane Musho Hamilton’s information.  So it is important to know what you really want to search for before typing or you might get something else.

    Helium.com described what YouTube Instant is all about.  The following is from Philip Lop’s recent article found by clicking here.

    It’s a free utility that strips down the usual YouTube interface to simply provide a search bar, a single, central video display and five smaller displays below it to present the top five searches based on your input. As you enter text in the search bar, Youtube Instant identifies a best match and, after a short pause to confirm that you are happy with the match, plays the video in the central display. Beneath this, users are presented with a smaller version of the file that is being played with a simple play/pause function and then four other strong matches that you can opt to select and play in the central panel instead.

    Youtube Instant has very little of the functionality offered by YouTube. Users can see neither the name of the file nor the user name of the individual that uploaded it. There is no display showing the progress of playback and, as such, you can’t skip backwards or forwards. You are unable to see the running time of the clip, nor are you presented with any information about whether the file is presented in high definition or not. There are no account-based features either, so you can’t, for example, log in to your existing You Tube account and add a file to your favourites.

    What you are presented with, however, is a streamlined, neatly presented microcosm of the You Tube universe, which provides a simple and effective means of finding and playing a specific file. Like Google Instant, as soon as you start typing into the search bar, the utility looks for matches, and presents a file name to the right of the bar (in a distinctive and quite stylish script), which changes as you continue to type, predicting the best fit based on your input. It is virtually ‘instant’, as the name would suggest, and greatly reduces the time taken to find a file compared to the full version of YouTube.

    Aside from the obvious achievement of the developer, and the gimmicky appeal of the product, it’s difficult to predict the longevity of Youtube Instant as it stands. Google Instant takes an existing product and enhances the user experience without losing any of the other functionality, whereas Youtube Instant offers one new functional away from the main site. As such, regular users will find this of limited appeal, particularly when they find a file that they like and then need to revert to the normal YouTube site to add it to a play list. The greater likelihood is that YouTube will eventually incorporate something similar into the parent site, which would effectively make Aboukhadijeh’s achievement redundant.

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