The Online Student’s User Manual:  Everything You Need to Know To be a Successful Online College Student is now available at Amazon.  Click here to view the Amazon page.  Click here to view press release.

Advance praise for The Online Student User’s Manual:

“Here’s something you should know—Dr. Hamilton has provided the most comprehensive ‘soup to nuts’ book about online education on the planet. It’s a real hand-holder to get you started, guide you to a degree and beyond into the workforce.”

                                                                                                —Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant

                                                                                                “Stuff You Should Know” Podcast

“As a former online learner myself and online professor for more than a decade, I can say this is by far the best book I have read on becoming a successful online learner. I WILL recommend this book to my learners.”

                                                                                                —Dr. Dani Babb

                                                                                                Author, Professor, Consultant


Are you considering attending online college courses. Do you have the knowledge required to navigate the halls of educational cyberspace? Not to worry. With The Online Student User’s Manual you will find all the basics of what a new student should know.

The Online Student User’s Manual will show you —

  • what you need to know about computer and software requirements 
  • how to use the search engines and upload assignments
  • how to organize and manage your time
  • how to track and schedule your assignments
  • how to communicate effectively with your professors and fellow students
  • how to maximize your grade
  • what mistakes to avoid
  • how to create measurable goals and stay motivated
  • how to prepare for tests…and so much more.

The Online Student User’s Manual is the only “go-to” resource you will need to help you master the world of online education.

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