There is more to excelling at work, than just being effective at your job. To survive and thrive, you must also master interaction with your coworkers.   

In It’s Not You It’s Your Personality, mother-daughter team, Diane Hamilton and Toni Rothpletz, explore: 

  • Why this is the essential guide for the anyone in the post-baby boomer workforce
  • What makes the current younger workforce unique
  • How to  understand new generation personality issues
  • How to recognize different personalities and their individual needs
  • Why  understanding different character types can make you more tolerant of others
  • How to work together more effectively, no matter the scenario
  • How to recognize your own personality issues for better interpersonal relationships
  • How to utilize personality assessment to climb the ladder of success

Filled with tips, tricks and techniques, the authors cover all the major personality tests, giving examples of modern day celebrity personalities to send their point home. Written in a lighthearted yet professional manner, It’s Not You It’s Your Personality outlines various scenarios with different personalities to give you a more detailed look at how different people can more effectively work together, both in team situations, and when various activities require them to better understand one another. You’ll learn how to recognize character traits in others, as well as in yourself, and what to do about the traits that need work. Entertaining as well as educational, It’s Not You It’s Your Personality makes personality assessment as essential as having a good briefcase.

Advance Praise for It’s Not You It’s Your Personality:

Carl Jung once said that “when an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside, as fate.” The latest book by Diane Hamilton and Toni Rothpletz helps you become more aware of yourself and puts YOU in charge of your life. Some books are meant to be glanced at; others chewed. This one should be slowly digested. So get your marking pens out and prepare for a voyage of discovery!

Mark R. Grandstaff, PhD Award-Winning Scholar, Clinton Appointee, CEO Renaissance Thinkers